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New spaces for orangutans in the Dortmund zoo

The Dortmund zoo with its beautiful park landscapes and modern animal houses is one of the most best liked excursion destination in Dortmund and in the region. Approximately 1500 animals in 230 different species are living in the zoo of Dortmund. One of those species is the orangutan. Its original home are the virgin forests of Borneo and Sumatra in Southeast Asia. Through the clearing of these unique virgin forests, the orangutans are endangered. In the last 10 years their population has shrunk by 50%.

Since 2004 one orangutan clan lives in the Dortmund zoo in a partnership with tapirs in the rainforest house «Rumah human» The climbing structures in and around the rain forest house got a long in the tooth, for that reason a renewal was necessary after 14 years. The zoo administration developed a rehabilitation concept that takes into account the requirements of the animals as well as the aesthetics feels of the zoo visitors. SIK-Holz® awarded the contract for the implementation of this extensive refurbishment concept.

Now there are diverse possibilities for climbing and play, which are according the ergonomic requirements of the animals. In their natural environment Orangutans rarely, touch the ground. With a big number of ropes between posts, walls and platforms, the construction is designed according to this behavior. Tree houses and hammocks accomplish the desire of resting and the option of withdraw. In the inside area are different platforms at the eye level of the visitors installed. Therefore, the visitors are able to watch and interact with the animals. The natural grown Oak- and Robinia trunks were selected carefully to give the general view a stimulative character and an aesthetically use of forms.