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The Klimtuin – a huge playground in a garden centre

The Intratuin in Dutch Duiven has become a place of pilgrimage for all garden lovers. Last year, the sales area was expanded from 16,000 m² to 24,000 m². Due to this expansion all article groups were updated. From field green to the ceramic department and the greenhouses to the animal department every visitor finds what he needs. The owner family of the Intratuin was not only interested in a larger sales offer for this investment. With real experiences the owner family wanted to face of the competition of the internet trade.

All senses are addressed here in varied ways. Thus, a greenhouse of the garden center was transformed into a restaurant with 1000 seats that attends with botanical and oriental designed adventure zones. Additionally to the restaurant there is the Klimtuin a huge adventure playground which is a mecca for children and parents because also the parents are investigating twisty lanes between the huge climbing tree and the tree houses with panoramic view.

The huge climbing tree with all its attachments takes a volume of about 10 × 10 m. Its widely ramified root system offers countless climbing and crawling tunnels and in the trunk are climbs to huge bird’s houses or to a motley caravan. The conclusion is a real tree that grows from the center of the wooden tree roof. A labyrinth of bridges leads from the climbing tree over intermediate platforms to the 6 and 7.5 m high panorama tree houses. From here you will arrive back to the ground over long tubular slides. Even here is a lot to explore. Low balancing parcours between posts designed as blades of grass and playhouses fill the areas under the bridges.

The design of the play paradise is based on the assortment of the garden center. There is hardly a square meter of the approximately 20 × 26 m large courtyard, on which not a wooden specimen of flora or fauna can be found. Everywhere there is something to discover. Here a flower, a ladybird, a bird or a squirrel, fishes which are seesawing and even a crocodile head sticking out of the ground. Those who do not move through the playing area are sitting there wondering about this wooden fairytale landscape.

The unique play area is originated from the design to the ceremonial opening by SIK-Holz® in five month.

Plan view