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The world of the capercaillie

Children and adults can experience an educational journey through the world of the capercaillie and other animals from the forest, moor, heather and orchard meadows on the playground at the castle in Doberlug / Niederlausitz. The animals have recently become home there again.

The playground is divided into two areas. In the forest area, the capercaillie nest, as a meeting point and climbing device, is the central element. Various climbing and balancing paths extend from the nest. The posts on the forest path are assigned to different tree species. Movment games and competitions can be organized here that are varied and educational at the same time. The heather path roams through the blooming heather with various balancing elements. On the posts there are appliqués of the flower of the «common heather» in different stages of development. Nets for resting are integrated into the moor path. Here the posts are designed as «cotton grass». Other learning islands, such as the size comparison with local animals, a feeler box, a marble run and a bench with wingspan, frame the climbing area.

On the second area, visitors to the playground are introduced to the world of orchards. A large tree house stands for a large apple tree that you can climb into and slide down using a climbing pole. An oversized apple grove invites you to turn around together. The bumblebee nest with its many bumblebees is an Eldorado to crawl and hide. But there are also insights into the world of bumblebees, bees and other insects that are of great importance for nature. The small creatures can be observed through peep tubes.