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Volcanoes in the winter

A thin snow blanket covers the playground of the Atolls in Schwerin. There was no more winter in this year. The colorful volcanoes cast a spell over their observers in this small winter landscape. This playground was raised in the context of the National horticultural show 2009. Since that time the playground enjoys great popularity. The playground is not far away from the Lake Schwerin and paths edge him. During spring in 2018 both origin volcanoes were remoted for safety related reasons. A repairing of the panel material proved to be gainless.

It was very important to the city to approve the playground as soon as possible again. SIK-Holz® representative Patrick Chiraux has been consulted for finding a solution that he developed with his colleague Sabrina Stolz in a short time. The new volcanoes are completely made of Robinia wood. If the volcanoes will be cared and maintenance regular and proper, they will survive their predecessors for numerous years.

The volcanoes are on a base area of approx. 10 × 7 m. The large volcano has a height of approx. 6.0 m. His small neighbor has a height of approx. 4.0 m. Via many platform level and ladders the enthusiastic mountaineers are able to reach a tubular slide with height of 3.8 m in the large volcano or rather a slide with a height of 2 m in the small volcano. Both slides are leading back to ocean of atolls. The contorted entrances and exits provide interesting niches for hiding and they are popular meeting places away from the view of the outside world for adolescents.

In addition to ascents inside, the platforms also can be reached from the outside via climbing- and net walls. The generous climbing area is also suitable for bouldering and so the volcanoes are compact climbing objects. In addition to the varied play offer, the two volcanoes attract attention due to their intense colored design from a distance. These are the reasons why this why this playground is an attractive destination at the lake Schwerin.