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Planning and consultation

Our specialist planners have years of experience in the planning of children’s playgrounds or a degree in landscape architecture. Furthermore, they are certified safety specialists for children’s playgrounds and have relevant knowledge and experience in dealing with timber constructions. They are very flexible in their approach and adapt to the wishes of our customers, the needs of our target groups and the conditions of the eco-social environment. In close cooperation with our construction and design office, they are always looking for interesting challenges to create something new. For each new task, they can fall back on proven standards. This reservoir is an essential source for new planning. Each new creation contains a portion of traditional forms, processes and knowledge. Custom play-space development is a dynamic and creative process. Each piece is an individual and valuable original.


All playground equipment is prefabricated in our company and, if necessary, dismantled into assemblies for transport and marked according to their grouping. Assembly instructions are provided for the assembly. We offer assembly teams to install extensive and complicated devices. Our fitters have many years of experience in handling our products. They regularly take part in external and internal training courses in order to understand all aspects of EN 1176 and the playing behaviour of children. The costs for the assembly depend on the type and scope of the device as well as on the place of installation. The calculation of the assembly is based on normal ground conditions according to DIN 18300. The accessibility to the construction site as well as installation possibilities by wheel loader or loading crane must be ensured. We take care of the calibration and professional assembly of the play equipment.

Maintenance and care

Regular checks and the resulting maintenance work, as well as their documentation, are mandatory tasks for the operator of public playgrounds. You will receive a checklist for regular maintenance upon delivery or acceptance of each of our devices. Taking care of playground equipment is not prescribed by law. With regard to the investment period, however, regular maintenance of a playground can extend its service life and have a positive effect on the playing and living environment. Depending on the device’s location, deposits from the air, sun, frost and dryness can lead to changes in the wood surface. If you want to enjoy your investment, you have to do something about it. Our flyer ‹The Playground Doctor› provides detailed information about the maintenance of our playgrounds.  We will also gladly make you an offer for high-quality sculptures and complex renovation work.

Draft of a multi unit

Construction of a multi unit on the PC

Delivery of play equipment

Assembly multi unit «Reach to the sky» in Japan

Assembly multi unit «Bat» in France