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SIK-Holz® is an owner-managed, medium-sized company in Fläming, south of Berlin. In 1988, Klaus-Peter and Claudia Gust founded a master business for wood sculpting under planned economic conditions with a focus on planning, design and production of custom children’s playground equipment made of black locust wood. In 1989, the planned economy became the market economy. The buisiness starts with two small referential playgrounds in Berlin East and Berlin West. Participation in international trade fairs at the beginning of the 1990s led to a great demand for play equipment made of chemically untreated wood and thus to the expansion of the company to reach 230 employees today. In the productive areas there are mainly carpenters, joiners and wood sculptors, but also other trades, as well as merchants and engineers in the administrative areas. The individual office and social buildings, the production and storage facilities are now spread across an area of approx. 6 ha. A holistic corporate identity is reflected in good working conditions, high quality standards and sustainable production methods.

1988 – our first playground in Niedergörsdorf

1988 – playmobiles and playsculptures in front of our workshop

1995 – reconstruction of the former cowshed to the playground factory

1995 – the gold mining town – first themed playgrounds in Berlin and elsewhere

2000 – a cow on the roof is reminiscent of the former occupants of our workshops

2008 – SIK-Holz® from above

2013 – SIK-Holz® entrance and social building

2018 – SIK-Holz® workshops

2018 – SIK-Holz® executive directors – Klaus-Peter Gust (left) – Marc Oelker (right)

2018 – SIK-Holz® celebrates its 30th anniversary


Our children’s playground equipment are articles of daily use in the broadest sense and are made from creative ideas and natural locust wood. Every piece is unique. Irregularities in growth, grain, growth rings, branches and roots give our sculptures and installations their individual character and make them something special. The natural shape and structure of the wood is not only taken into account in the development of our playground equipment, but also has a decisive influence on the character, shape and effect of our objects. Connections and construction designs reflect a solid, handcrafted workmanship and standard-compliant execution. When selecting our means of expression, we flexibly approach the different demands posed by the situation. We deliberately design our children’s playground equipment in such a way that we achieve an exciting dynamic in the urban space and harmonious interaction with the landscape.

Draft playground «Romans kastel» Regensburg / Germany

Draft playground «Western town» Disentis / Switzerland

Draft playground «Dinosaur» Magdeburg / Germany

Draft playground «Power engine» Hadera / Israel

Draft playground «South seas» Berlin / Germany

Draft playground «Geese meadow» Berlin / Germany

Draft playground «Play castle» Heidelberg / Germany

Draft «Climbing unit» Köln / Germany

Draft playground «Bees» Magdeburg / Germany


In large cities, in particular, people and especially children have less and less access to natural areas to play in. Planning playgrounds and open spaces must therefore first and foremost be in line with the needs of the users and allow for free play. The goal is to achieve a balance between fostering movement and senses, experiencing nature, social contacts and dealing with risks in these places. We are a member of the standards committee «DIN 18034 Playgrounds and open spaces for playing» and the standards committee «DIN EN 1176 Safety on children’s playgrounds». Here the principles for good and safe playground planning are compiled and regularly revised. The aim of this is to design playgrounds in such a way that a high play value and the inclusion of all users is achieved with the greatest possible safety and proper use.

Climb into a wooden honeycomb

Slipping down from a tree house

Jump on an artistic rope

Flying high in the air with the partner swing

Mud in the sand

Pump, collect and guide water

Take a short rest on a wooden cow

Always built new things with the mobile building kit

Exercise an fun in the game cube

Together seesaws on carved forest animals