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Material and quality

Black locust wood

Our playground equipment is made exclusively from the wood of the local black locust. We only use oak for large sculptures. It is the hardest European timber and may be used in the ground without chemical wood preservation, as it belongs to resistance class 1–2 according to DIN EN 350-2. Hence it can be used outdoors without impregnation and is thus a sensible alternative to durable tropical wood types. Black locust forms a pronounced core colour which stands out sharply from the strikingly narrow yellowish-white sapwood. The heartwood has a high natural resistance to wood-destroying fungi and insects. The sapwood is the non-resistant part of the wood and is completely removed for the construction of playground equipment. Black locust is superior to all other types of wood in terms of stability and stands in the ground for at least 20 years on average, even in the case of poor quality (further information: Responsibility/environment).


Colours can have both a positive and negative effect on the visual, sensory perception. Certain colour combinations direct the eye and can thus draw attention to a situation or a place. The use of colours can support the effect or composition of a playground. The preference for more complex colours and colour combinations also changes according to the target group’s age. The planners thus have the possibility of using colour to set accents on a playground and thereby stimulate visitors to play and remain at the playground. We use environmentally harmless as well as package-free, transparent and covering wood varnishes. These are resistant to sweat and saliva in accordance with DIN 53160 (testing coloured children’s toys for saliva and perspiration fastness) and EN 71 Part 3 (safety of toys; migration of certain elements) and are therefore particularly suitable for children’s play equipment.


Our multifunctional play equipment and play sculptures are original craft products and are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 1176. We have firmly integrated our organisational and production structures into the ISO 9001 quality management system. It forms the foundation for good working conditions and compliance with high quality requirements. Our playgrounds are products of craftsmanship and always solidly constructed. All wooden parts are chamfered, sharp corners and edges are rounded off. Wood joints are designed to be friction-locked and form-fit. Nets and ropes consist of 4-strand Hercules material with a steel rope core. All fastening elements required for the construction are galvanised, screw heads are rounded, nuts etc. are countersunk and secured with plastic caps. Slides are made of 2.5-mm thick, entirely stainless steel. The bars and climbing poles are made of stainless steel tubes.

Naturally grown robinia wood – peeled and split from Brandenburger forests

Multi unit «Dinosaur»

Multi unit – detail vertical tubular net

Interior – octagonal pitches roof covered with shingles

Sculpture «Parrot» – in progress in the sculptor’s workshop

Multi unit «Bat» – dismantling in the large project hall

Multi unit «Flowers dream» – construction in the small project hall

Stele «Flowing time» – ready for transport

Multi unit «Hot air balloon» – finished play tower in the coloring workshop

Multi unit – detail lattice tunnel