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Blossom dreams in Heilbronn

This year, the city of Heilbronn is hosting the Federal Horticultural Show. This is where garden dreams come true. The company Pflanzen-Kölle is based in Heilbronn. So it makes sense to increase the attractiveness of the garden center with a special eye-catcher. A garden café with a playground is a destination for the whole family. And there are wonderful synergies between playground, garden center and café. The playground «Blossom dreams» is unique, explicitly designed and built by SIK-Holz® on an area of 40 × 11 m. This is a very special playground for all age groups, with interesting play offers where a bow of suspense between movement, fun and risk will be consistently experienceable.

The dynamic altitude of the blossom panorama differs clearly from the contour of the Cuban architecture of the garden center. Big colored blossoms raise the profile. It seems that everything is moving in the wind in the same way. The liveliness continues when you enter the play area. Through the inviting archway, you first reach the toddlers area over an invalid roll chair ramp. Here meadow and city come together. Carved beetle, seesawing caterpillar and bees wait for the children. The play area invites to cooperative play with water and sand and will shaded by yellow brightly awnings. Even parents can take part actively in the children´s play. They also can rest on a leave or enjoy the colorful hustle from the close café.

The main attraction is a climbing garden designed as a flower meadow. It climbs up to four meters high, through filigree stainless steel tunnels, into calyxes, through leaves, grasses and buds. The climbing elements are also a serious challenge for experienced «beetles». The easiest and most pleasurable way out of the flowers back to the garden floor is through a 10 meters long tunnel slide.

The multicolored acrylic panels in the calyxes create surprising light effects in which the perception of the room and the outside world changes and appears in a new light. Some «beetles» like to spend a little dream hour here and observe the real spring awakening on the 2 m wide shrub garden in front of the playground.

We thank the company Pflanzen-Kölle for the good cooperation and wish a good start into the season.