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In addition to publicly owned playgrounds, there are also numerous playgrounds in the leisure industry that are operated by companies. These include amusement parks and camping sites. Every piece of play equipment is an investment in this field. The playing value and the visual effect of the devices play a significant role. Companies closely examine whether an attractive playground can achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Carmen Engel is the contact person for these customer groups at SIK-Holz®. She advises companies in all matters pertaining to the creation of play areas, which are tailor-made and individually designed for the respective business. In addition, she also connects companies with each other and shares experience.

Carmen Engel
Consaultant Camping / Tourism
tel.:+49 (0) 33 742.799 51


Straberry house and Bee springer / Campsite Riegelspitze / Werder

Entrance sign / Campsite Riegelspitze / Werder

Maritimer Spielplatz / Campsite Südstrand / Neustadt

Kletter-Balancier-Anlage / Campsite on Brombachsee

Multi unit «Meadows dream» / Holiday paradise Gut Horn / Waging am See (Foto Stepper)

Multi unit «Enchanted forest» / Esterer Hof / Seeon

sik-holz, dehoga, mutmacher

DEHOGA - Encouragement 2020 - SIK-Holz receives an award for innovative ideas

holz, wholz, wood, spielplatz, playground, camping, spielanlage, multi unit, bergwerk, mine

Playground «Mine» / Naturpott Camping / Lüdinghausen

holz, wood, spielplatz, playground, camping

Playground / Prümtal Camping / Oberweis

holz, wood, spielplatz, playground, camping

Playground / Prümtal Camping / Oberweis