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Pink flamingos, black bulls and white horses

What do flamingos, bulls and horses have in common? Actually not that much. However, there are places where you can find them together in one spot. Like at the rough and sunny south coast of France. To be more precise, the Camargue, also known as the »wild west« of France. Here the cowboys and cowgirls of the vast plateau herd French bulls on their white horses. Which, in contrast to their Spanish cousins, have upwards pointing horns and less temperament. Thousands of flamingos enjoy warmth on the shoreline, which are a highlight in this area with their bright pink plumage. The area with its unique flora and fauna inspired us to create a playground that shows these special features thematically.

In Pérols, near Monpellier, a large black bull is the heart of the playground and invites you to play from afar. It not only offers exciting climbing opportunities, but also an adventurous view over the entire area. Smaller climbing animals near the bull also offer fun for younger guests and encourage them to playfully walk a mile in the shoes of French cowboys and cowgirls. Here you can slide and romp around to your heart’s content. Children can herd the bulls on the white horses or try to catch them with friends. The only limit here is your imagination.

But the flamingos are also a symbol of this area. Thousands of them walk through the high reed beds on the shorelines of the national park with their graceful legs. Based on this, a varied obstacle course leads across the playground. The matching floor gives you the feeling of actually being in the Camargue wilderness. The course helps developing coordination, dexterity and endurance and ends on the bull’s thigh to create a transition without interrupting the game flow. The flamingos themselves are also represented in the playground as a life-size sculpture and seesawing opportunities, ready to take to the children high up in the sky.

The Camargue has moved a little closer to Pérols thanks to the themed playground design. The city has gained another attraction that makes a nice destination for families with children.