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Primeval world in Lugau

The idea for the design of the playground is the geological period of the Carboniferous, which is historically closely linked to the small Saxon town of Lugau, a former coal mining region. In addition to the fossil gardens, the coal hiking trail and the coal train cycle path, the playground is another element that makes the history of the city come alive. The playground extends over several play islands. The central element is a large playground, the «Kohlewaldwipfelpfad». The design of the play towers refers to the tree-like vegetation of the Carboniferous with giant ferns and scaly trees. The individual towers and posts are connected with bridges and ropes. They form a closed play circuit that opens up new play paths again and again and at the end of which there is the three meter high tunnel slide. The highest tower also offers a view of the crowns of the neighboring trees and over the city park. Next to the «Kohlewaldwipfelpfad» you can swing extensively. Other play islands include a sand play area with a salamander, a ground trampoline, a bouncing giant dragonfly and a balancing course that stretches between posts in the shape of horsetails. In the middle of the play islands, benches invite you to rest and watch.