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A climbing jungle to explore

Burgers’ Zoo in the Dutch city of Arnhem showcases animals from around the world on approximately 45 hectares. From the ocean to the rainforest and the desert, the natural habitats of the animals have been recreated. The visitor’s experience plays a central role in the philosophy of the Arnhem Zoo throughout. An extraordinary view offers the playground opposing the large outdoor terrace of the restaurant. It is the perfect complement to an adventurous visit at the zoo. Burgers’ Avonturenland (Adventure Land) extends over an area of approximately 1,000 m2. The play offerings for small children are placed near the terrace, and behind them unfolds the large climbing jungle, which adults also enjoy exploring. Due to the natural form and structure of the robinia wood, the expansive climbing and balancing landscape appears like an impenetrable jungle, culminating in a huge beaver dam. The green-yellow accents of the play area support this impression. At every position in the jungle, there is something to discover – a new path through balancing, climbing, or sliding, a new hiding spot, or a sensory game. A highlight is the triple wave slide, where you can challenge your friend to a race. Barrier-free access is possible via a wide wooden bridge. Various rotating games with play options are also available here.