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A true mammoth project

In Waren an der Müritz, fans of the prehistoric era can expect a new highlight. The lakeside has been adorned for some time with an almost life-sized woolly mammoth, whose magnificent tusks are not made of ivory, but, like the rest of the mammoth, crafted from robinia wood. The SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH has transformed tree trunks into a giant of the Ice Age through their creativity and innovative solutions.

The entertainment value of this playground is the most significant part of this project. The trail along the shore of Lake Tiefwaren marks the beginning of a prehistoric safari, encouraging children to learn more about the undisputed rulers of the Ice Age. The mammoth playground then serves as a stop to playfully immerse oneself in that time and explore what has just been read on the equipment. The mammoth’s trunk invites everyone to slide and linger. To reach it, however, the back must first be climbed via various paths. The versatile playground offers more than just the slide and two tusks. There is plenty of space for building sandcastles or snowmen. A small mammoth calf as a spring rocker is the undisputed favorite among the audience. With its childlike charm and sweet eyes, everyone melts at first sight. Whether real mammoth calves had the same effect on the early humans of the time remains a fascinating question.

Back in the Ice Age, the little mammoth was already accompanied by huge glacial erratics in the cold steppes, which also found their place on the playground. But even the vegetation seems to come directly from the Ice Age. To create an even more authentic environment, hazelnut trees were planted. They serve more than one purpose – whether as a shade provider, a backdrop, or for a small snack break. All senses are involved here.

The playground arouses the desire for more snow and the icy season. We wish you a lot of fun on your trip to the Ice Age, whether in the cool winter air or on a hot summer day.