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Ducks meadow playground

Like a river course play areas and paths wriggle over the playground at the nearby Tegel stream. A ducks bridge leads over the stream. The bridge provided the ideas for the designing of this playground that also made a positive impression to the visitors and residents of this playground. This also confirms the identity-establishing effect of a playground through the inclusion of local specific features in to the planning of a playground.

Multifunctional play scape in the shape of duck’s nests and wooden reed grasses for big and small children with lots of movement offers like climbing, balancing, sliding or to do gymnastics rule the play area. Next to the adventure playground are to find group and single swings for respective age groups. The sand play area was departed with a varied wooden frame to give an assessable and calm space for playing to the toddlers. In the middle of this sand play area is an oversized duck sculpture, which is on par with the toddlers.

The playground is accessible for people with disabilities. At the entrances are bicycle parking’s and several seating accommodations. Curly wooden deck invite to rest. One deck is apart from the play events of the meadow and the other deck frames the play areas. It starts at ground level and ends at the sand play area with height of 50 cm. Through this altitude difference, this is also a beloved rolling and running surface.