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At home in the Meadow

The residential area «Fischbeker Heidbrook» in the southwest of Hamburg encompasses 800 housing units. The housing complex borders the nature reserve «Fischbeker Heide». The two large play areas adopt the design language of the forest-surrounded suburban location and depict a «playable landscape». However, they are separated by an access road to the residential area. The «Wiesengrund» (Meadow Base) play area is divided into four large play areas and a barefoot path. The toddler area for children aged 0-6 years offers opportunities for sand and role-playing, as well as climbing, sliding, and rocking. The other side of the barefoot path is equipped with an expansive climbing-balance combination and a tall slide tower for children aged 6-12 years. The play areas are complemented by a swing area with a trampoline, which is situated as a separate island in the meadow. The «Boskett» (Small Forest) play area is a generously designed lawn with hammocks for relaxation. Slacklines are either permanently installed or can be attached to standalone posts. The play offerings in this area are further enhanced by two giant swings for all generations.