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A very special relationship connects horse and human, which has profoundly shaped history since the Middle Ages. These graceful animals found their way to humans as working animals, but nowadays they mean much more to people. They are loyal companions and are loved as family members. It’s no wonder that SIK-Holz® has now brought a rider’s playground made of robinia wood to life in the city of Braunschweig.

The approximately 4-meter-high horse not only delights animal lovers but also adventurers of all kinds. It can be completely explored and climbed from head to the tip of the tail. It features a climbing wall, sliding poles, and climbing nets. The accompanying rider, as a climbing tower, is an indispensable highlight that offers a great view of the playground. For those who find this challenge a bit too much, they can have fun on the small spring rockers and pony sculptures. Whether black, white, or spotted horses are preferred, there is a suitable sculpture for everyone. Since the entire facility is set up like a lunge circle, obstacles are, of course, a must. Here, they serve as balancing obstacles that train hand-eye coordination through rotatable logs.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this project and wish all visitors a great time in Braunschweig.