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Playground equipment made of creative ideas and robinia

Discover the world of SIK-Holz and benefit from more than 30 years of experience that make our products the number one choice.


Discover advanced civilisations playfully

A special fascination goes out from old advanced civilisations like the pharaohs in Egypt and also the Inca in South America. The remain of structures and findings from their daily life occupy archaeologists since 300 years and confront them with new questions. ... more

Stories from outer space

The universe includes everything that exists, space and time, matter and energy. It preoccupies the natural sciences and philosophy and provides plenty of material for fantastic stories that people like to read and play. Since a few months a galactic backdrop for space games is available  ... more

The Klimtuin- A huge playground in a garden centre

The Intratuin in Dutch Duiven has become a place of pilgrimage for all garden lovers. Last year, the sales area was expanded from 16,000 m² to 24,000 m². Due to this expansion all article groups were updated. From field green to the ceramic department and the greenhouses to the animal department every visitor finds what he needs.  ... more

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