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Blossom dreams in Heilbronn

This year, the city of Heilbronn is hosting the Federal Horticultural Show. This is where garden dreams come true. The company Pflanzen-Kölle is based in Heilbronn. So it makes sense to increase the attractiveness of the garden center with a special eye-catcher. A garden café with a playground is a destination for the whole family. And there are wonderful synergies between playground, garden center and café.  ... more

Playing in the Jungle

There are stories that are timeless. The books in which those stories are written in will maybe re-illustrated over years but the enthusiasm for their heroes remains. One of these stories for example is «The Jungle Book» written by Rudyard Kipling. Since more than over 100 years, generations of children read this book.  ... more

Where geese are there is chatter

A noisy chatter is to hear again in the playground in Ungewitter Weg in Berlin. However, it isn´t the chattering of the wooden geese, these are children who enliven the playground «Gänsewiese». The playground is located on the green belt in the garden city Staaken,  ... more

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